Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Showering Event:

I am back. I have been struggling with a back injury, but now with my daughter here to inspire me to move forward, I am finding that my art and my crafting is proving to be a healing source for me.

My sister and I recently hosted a bridal shower for our niece, Tiffany. Tiffany is a teacher, so we chose to have an alphabet shower. Each guest was given a letter to which they would purchase a gift, tying in the letter, and add the letter on an outside tag. We spelled out the Bride's married name, and gifts were opened in the order of the letters of her name to be. Here are the creative tags for the gifts she received. By the way, it was a "relative shower". I was amazed at the creativity of my family!

T was on an aqua color scalloped background with a silver shimmer heart, then the same aqua paper for the T, which was adorned with crystals. (Gift was Two wood Tongs and a wooden salad bowl)
I: very simple pink background with a shimmery silver I and a ping grosgrain ribbon held it to the gift bag.
(Gift was Ice Tongs and Ice Cream Drink mixes)
Looks like my photographer forgot to snap some of the letters......ah gee whiz. Well, moving on...
N: aqua background, shimmery silver N: Gift was Note Pads and New pens?

N: a royal blue yarn N on a silver sparkle star: Gift was New bathroom towels...
R: (this one from our Glitter Princess) Shimmer textured black paper with a fancy pink letter R, glittered, of course! Gift was a bottle of Red Wine and a bottle of Reisling Wine
Another lovely N, sparkle silver background with a glittery aqua N and a wedding cake sticker, all tied with aqua tulle and a satin aqua color ribbon.
This one from the Bride's furture mother-in-law: mini puppy dog bones on a lovely bag adorned with silk flowers! D is for Dishes!
B from one of the Bridesmaids: cute idea, B's clipped from advertisements!
The bag held a Big gift!
A pretty purple N sits on a green backing upon a purple tag. Rhinestones add shape to the N.

R: on a card from a guest who could not attend. Pink R with cute floral stickers, the gift? Read Me! (and a gift card).

All the guests had fun with their creations. We topped off the celebration with a few fabulous games and then Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes. It was an outdoor shower on a lovely 80 degree sunshining Minnesota Sunday!