Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sneaking out of the Northwoods and into Europe! 

Last July, my daughter, Cherie, and I went on an adventure to Europe. We had a marvelous time traveling together. We visited London, Amsterdam, Lucern, & Paris. We had a super time in Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Oh my, what an adventure we had!
 We encountered a surprise! It was raining, and they marched right past us on their way back to barracks.

At night, the Eiffel Tower glitters with a zillion lights! It does not show its glory in my photographs. You will have to go see it for yourself!

I am an Aquarius. I love the water. So, we took a boat cruises to see some of the sights. So many lovely sights. I took tons of to organize them into a scrapbook! That will be my next project. Right after I make my niece's Bridal shower invites!                                Sneaking off.................

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