Monday, January 28, 2013

Recipe Box Reborn!

It is the end of January. Each year, I find myself sorting through my cubbies, cleaning out and purging. Today, I stumbled upon an old recipe box I had used for coupons. It is just a plastic, beige colored box. Nothing special. Kind of ugly. I am in need of a recipe box for holding some of my favorite cookie recipes. I have zillions of cookie recipes it seems.... many handed down from my Mother & my Grandmothers. I have to keep them. So, I did a mini project this morning and my recipe box was REBORN.

 Just needed a few supplies to give this recipe box it's facelift. I used Webster's Pages: 6 x 6 paper pad choosing a pattern that I liked from the Park Drive Collection. Cut & paste......
 ON the top of the box, I used a scrap of the pattern, using the reverse side. Then used letters from Webster's Pages Story Tellers alphabet stickers, Timeless Letter.

 I used the reverse side of the 6 x 6 paper fro the front, then added a piece of the front side of the pattern, finishing it off with a heart made from scraps and an old recipe card. I think it looks better than the old unadorned box! Now, where did I put all those recipe cards?   Sneaking off.....................

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