Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Colors in Nature

I find the colors in nature inviting me to incorporate their hues into my designs. The photo is one I took of a sunset in at our lake place in Northern Minnesota a few years ago. It remains a favorite photo of mine. The warm colors of the sunset are energetic and the shadows, exciting. Maybe even disturbing, yet I find them calming. We are on Sacred land. I am sure this is not a once in a lifetime sunset. What did our ancestors think of when they saw the sky turn orange, pink, and red? I recall the saying my mother frequently used when the sunset turned the clouds into cotton candy pink; "Pink sky at night, sailors delight". This sunset was unlike the cotton candy sunsets I have witnessed. I truly do not recall what the weather was like the following day, but this sunset remains in my memory as one of the prettiest I have ever seen.
                                                                                                Sneaking off......into the sunset.

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