Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year! 
I am working on updating my card inventory for the New Year. I have decided that with my new Cricut and the lovely cartridges I got for Christmas, I will be able to make my own cards. I started out with making cards without my Cricut. My next plan is to use the Cricut to see what amazing things I can do. Here are a few of my non-Cricut made cards;

I like the yummy color combinations of pink and brown. I made this card with a soft pink cardstock, chocolate brown cardstock, ivory cardstock, and a brown and white swiss dot cardstock. I stamped the "party hearty!" on a piece of ivory cardstock using chocolate brown ink. I hand cut the cupcakes and used my utility knife to cut the slats in the bottom of the cupcake to make it look like the accordian cupcake papers. The frosting is the same pink cardstock, which I adhered over the brown cutouts using a 1/2 inch glue dot on each. I added pink beads for sprinkles on the cupcakes. I put a pink textured ribbon and tied a knot, cutting the ends to look like a bow. I glued this brown card piece onto the pink cardstock then adhered it to a white pre-made card.

On this Valentine's Day card, I used pink cardstock with a shimmery pink hart pattern paper. The pre-made sticker with it's little red heart jewel rests on black cardstock over a black and gold swirl ribbon.

I am using up my Stampin' Up cardstock. Here I used a brown cardstock, layering on top a soft pink cardstock. I put a brown and pink pattern piece I had in my "leftovers" file. I then put down a pink ribbon. Over the ribbon, I layered brown cardstock with green piece to which I stamped "find joy in the little things". I then stitched ivory white stitching on the top and down the right edge about halfway. I layered a piece of the brown with ivory white. I stamped three green stems and two flowers on this white piece. I stamped a third flower on another piece of the ivory white cardstock, cutting it out and pasting it at the end of the stem to give a 3-D look. Over this, I put down a pink ribbon. I glued this work piece to the card, overlaying it on the brown and green piece. I then tied and glued a little brown bow onto the floral piece. Once dried, I glued it all to an off white pre-made card.

I really enjoy making cards and I do not duplicate my creations. I am thinking maybe with the Cricut I can make up some multiples. This may be the year to make some changes. I love to give cards as gifts, and my friends tell me they really appreciate receiving them!    
                                                                                                             Sneaking off.............

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  1. These are lovely. You do a great job with visual arrangements.